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Níže jsou uvedena celá znění doporučení zákazníků v oblasti středního a vyššího managementu, pro které jsem realizoval vzdělávací projekty; od komunikace až po manažerské kurzy, workshopy zaměřené na sebepoznání pomocí psychometrických nástrojů (typologie osobnosti jako Everything DiSC Behavioral Styles, MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) či TKI (Thomas Kilmann conflict mode Instrument)).


Senior Director, Software Engineering

ve společnosti CA Technologies

“I have been working with Marek for the last 2 years, since he joined CA and I can highly recommend him. 

Marek has been developing and delivering trainings for all the various roles in our office (600+ people). It was a true cooperation, as Marek preferred to first understand the situation in our teams and then worked with all the managers and teams on gathering requirements and preparing education content tailored to our needs. Based on that, Marek prepared multiple long-term education plans rather than one off trainings, and really focused on helping people develop their soft skills. In addition to that, as a skilled coach, Marek can also provide one on one coaching as needed.

I had my teams trained, I have attended multiple trainings myself and I can say that Marek is very good in putting quality content together and delivering it in a way that is easy to follow, easy to understand and quite engaging. He also focuses on applying it in practical situations, role play, and his longer-term education plans also invite people to use the skills in real work between sessions and then working with the feedback.

Working with Marek is very easy, as he is very friendly and communicative. Marek is also a great listener and is very open to feedback and suggestions, that he then directly applies to his future work.”


Vice President of Software Engineering

ve společnosti Barclays

“I met Marek at CA, when he was working as a principal education consultant. I’ve attended his program on DiSC and some others that I consider as a very important effort with great impact on daily work of each person at any position, either manager, engineer or sales. I think almost everybody who has passed the programs, will tell the same. 


Marek has shown the right way how to lead people to work and collaborate effectively and get company values working. He has inspired a lot of people (either me or people around me) how to improve their daily work and daily lives as well. Hoping that companies will hire people like Marek to coach their employees in order to achieve excellent outcomes in a great atmosphere.”


Senior Manager, R&D Software

ve společnosti CA Technologies

“Hiring Marek Chytil was the best thing CA has done to improve our education program. In the past, education was often a neglected part of our jobs. We had been through several education consultants in Prague, each of whom did very little to help the program progress. Then Marek arrived. He literally hit the ground running. Finally, we had someone in place with a real plan, not someone just filling an empty chair. Marek immediately revamped the whole program, making it more applicable to our employees' jobs as well as more accessible. He made it easier to enrol in courses and has helped us see the big picture by offering us related courses as part of an overall learning path. 

It's great to see someone take this important job seriously, as Marek does. I have already started to see the results of what he has created. I know that my employees are very pleased, and they have greatly benefited from Marek's hard work and vision. 

Marek is always looking for better ways to do things. If this means turning something on end or starting over, then he'll do it...just to get a better result. His persistence is greatly appreciated by all! I highly recommend him.”



ve společnosti Advenia

Marek is always positive and hardworking. Bringing new ideas and struggle to make them happen - that´s his main virtue. Even now we work together. When it comes to a soft skill training, Marek is our only content provider.”


HR Process Lead / Change Management Lead

ve společnosti Vodafone Česká republika

“Although early in his career, it was clear that Marek had strong potential to build a great career in learning & development. He was dedicated, goal-oriented and took on new challenges with open arms. Marek’s positive attitude coupled with his interpersonal and communication skills allowed him to interact and motivate people of varied cultures, backgrounds, and professions.”


Senior Operations Manager

ve společnosti GE Money Bank

“Marek is a very enthusiastic person. Coming with plenty of new ideas or concepts. As a partner very cooperative and willing and keen for to look for new ways of doing day to day business. Marek has positive mindset, open to changes, new things.”


EMEA Head of Talent Development & Education

ve společnosti CA Technologies

“Marek is an experienced and seasoned facilitator, delivering quality, targeted training solutions to drive business objectives and employee growth. He has developed highly effective relationships across his areas, with the leadership team, line managers and overall employee base which has enabled him to become a valued and trusted partner. The level of positive feedback he regularly receives from the business is outstanding and a great testament to the work he is doing and the impact he has. His programs and commitment have driven more effective management skills creating a positive ripple effect across his areas in our Prague Technical Centre.”

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